CoD: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes Detail Wonder Weapon Buffs

CoD: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes Detail Wonder Weapon Buffs

Some of Zombies mode’s Wonder Weapons are getting better.

Cold War Zombies – All Wonder Weapons Showcase

Cold War Zombies – All Wonder Weapons Showcase

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Season Two Outro Cinematic | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

Naga’s diversion worked as intended, throwing Woods and his squad off the scent long enough for Stitch to continue his master plan. Armed with fresh intel gathered from the cartel operation in Laos, they urgently deploy to Verdansk. Adler’s time is running out…

Everything is about to change in Season Three.

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NEW DARKS OPS In COLD WAR! DM Ultra EASIER NOW! Buffs/Nerfs +More! Black ops cold war PATCH NOTES!

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New dark ops and other challenges being added to black ops cold war! DM Ultra now easier to get in black ops cold war! Flack jacket nerf! ARs buffed! Smgs Buffed! Black ops cold war patch notes!

Patch notes:

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What Exactly Changed? | New SMG, Perk Buffs, Gun Buffs, Bug Fixes & Much More!

The mid-season 1 update has arrived in Vanguard and with it, we have a new SMG (Welgun), some huge perk adjustments, Weapon buffs, bug fixes, and more! What do you think of this update so far?

Patch Notes: https://www.sledgehammergames.com/blog/2022/vanguard-season-1-5-update

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Welgun Basics
1:04 Stability, Spawns, & Bug Fixes
1:46 Weapon Balance Changes
3:39 Hollow Point
3:49 Stun Changes
4:48 Incendiary Grenade Nerf Details
5:30 Mortar Barrage Changes
6:20 Perk Changes
10:35 Player Collision, UI Bugs, etc
11:16 Final Thoughts