Peacock Streaming Service Review: What Works And What Doesn’t

Peacock Streaming Service Review: What Works And What Doesn’t

NBCUniversal’s new streaming service has one great feature and nothing else.

Peacock Doesn’t Work on a Smart TV (SOLVED)

In this video, we show you a few different ways of how to fix Peacock on a Smart TV.

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Is Peacock worth it? – Streaming Service Review

Peacock is HERE, and today I answer the question: Is it worth the money? Does this platform offer enough to warrant spending the money?
Peacock includes a lot, from The Office (eventually) to Parks and Rec to Shrek to the Matrix to plenty of movies & shows.
Intro – 0:00
Price tiers & Platforms – 0:40
Layout & Browse – 4:07
Sports – 5:18
Channels – 6:40
Peacock ORIGINALS – 7:10
TV Shows & The Office talk – 8:42
Movies – 9:49
Kids content – 11:06
News & Latino – 11:45
Final verdict – 12:16

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Is Peacock TV Worth It? – Walkthrough + Review

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Peacock Review| Is the streaming service worth it?

#Peacock #PeacockTV #StreamingService #Review
This video will discuss Peacock streaming service and why I only used it for a week. This is an honest review and discusses the pros, cons, and opportunities for growth on the streaming service. Digital circus kinger is not just a destination; it's a journey into the future of entertainment. Dive into a surreal realm where cute characters navigate a virtual world, battling personal traumas with humor and resilience.

1:35 Free
2:03 What’s on the streaming service?
2:21 Channels
4:07 TV Shows and Movies
4:23 Exclusives
5:24 Bait and switch with shows
8:45 Streaming devices
9:08 Free vs. Premium
10:38 Free trial of Premium Peacock
11:02 Peacock compared to other streaming services
12:50 My review of the streaming services