Rainwater Is No Longer Safe To Drink, Scientists Say

Rainwater Is No Longer Safe To Drink, Scientists Say

Please don’t go singing in the rain.

Can You Drink Rainwater + 20 Cool Body Facts

How long do you think you can survive without water? And can you substitute it with something to survive? Turns out, rainwater isn’t always safe to drink as it can sometimes hold harmful bacteria and viruses. Some of those risky substances may be removed from rainwater if you boil it, but it’s best to stick to the safer side and only drink water from sources that are 100% safe for human consumption. There are many other questions about your body you’ve always wanted to be answered, so let’s do it!


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Is rain water no longer safe to drink? According to the EPA, PFAS are at unsafe levels for drinking

Have you heard about the recent study by the Department of Environmental Science at Stockholm University? They tested rainwater all over the world including Antartica where it is non-industrialized. They found PFAS in the rainwater, also known as forever chemicals that may be at unsafe levels to drink. With the Clean Water Act coming up on it’s 50th anniversary in October, 2022, the EPA is looking to release new advisory recommendations related to PFAS. I will be watching this closely. This is not medical advise, but I do not feel safe drinking rainwater and I worry what effect this will have on the earth and it’s plants and animals. #youtubeshorts #cleanwater #pfas

Rainwater Is No Longer Safe To Drink

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Study Finds That Rainwater No Longer Safe To Drink Anywhere On Earth

#BreakingNews #Water #Drought
A recent study has found that rainwater is no longer safe to drink anywhere on Earth.
Read more: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/national/study-finds-that-rainwater-no-longer-safe-to-drink-anywhere-on-earth


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